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Our Impact

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With nearly thirty years of experience in nine countries around the world, we have seen how water changes everything.

Access to water fuels health, hope, education, optimism, and prosperity. It boosts opportunities for everyone, especially women and girls. Children stay in school longer. Fewer people die of illnesses caused by contaminated water. Increased education and improved health bring economic prosperity to entire regions. Families have more time to work, play, and simply spend together.

Our impact for bolivia

Water For People Canada dedicates its fundraising to the country of greatest need out of Water For People's nine country programs.

This year, that country is Bolivia. High altitude, mountain ranges, remote villages, and a lower amount of WASH funding compared to other countries in the world are just a few of the reasons why Bolivia has a challenging context.

Our support means more families, clinics, and schools will have lasting access to water and sanitation services. 

Meet the people

These are the many faces of people impacted by safe water and sanitation services. If you'd like to read more about Water For People's global stories of impact, visit the global site. 


Everyone Forever Tracker was born out of our core value of transparency. It allows you to visualize the impact Water For People is having globally by seeing our progress in each district and country where we work.

Explore all the data points and measurements that lead us toward a future where everyone has access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions.

Visit the Water For People global site to interact with the Everyone Forever Tracker dashboard. 

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